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We Are local to Long Island 

Becoming a Fair Weather Farmer!

You will need to sign a rental agreement and a waiver.

The coop is mobile, Allowing daily access for our ladies to fresh grass.

You will enjoy a daily supply of eggs from the comfort of your yard. All hens are of prime egg laying age. You can typically get between 9-12 eggs per week. Relax and enjoy the free roaming action of the hens as they peck at the grass and gossip with each other. All while they rid your yard of insects.

When the season ends prior to the onset of winter we will come get everything and care for your ladies. They will join their sisters on our farm awaiting a visit with you next season.



Sales Tax not included in Price (please check your local town zoning law for the regulations on backyard chickens)


Please  email the completed form before submitting online deposit

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Sister Red's Property Management Inc.


Caring For your Property when life pulls you away

We perform weekly inspections, accept deliveries, manage contractors, project oversight and much more

Giving you the peace of mind with someone you can trust!!!

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Find out more

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Become A Fair Weather Farmer!!!

 Thank you so much for your inquiry about our hens. We love to bring people the joy of keeping chickens and nothing can beat the flavor of eggs from your own happy hens.  

Sister Red's Farm LLC Rent-A-Chicken Long Island

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Please  email the completed form before submitting online deposit. We will contact you to verify availability.

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